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Dear student,

Having been an instructor for over 30 years, I recognise that the written exams for the PPL are a part of the course that can be a burden.  The flying is great; interaction with machine and the elements, camaraderie and rapport built with your instructor,  a whole new social life with other students and experienced pilots alike. But you have to pass the exams. I believe the ground school should be as enjoyable as the flying.

Despite the fact  that the knowledge gained from the ground school topics are an essential part of making you a good all round pilot, students are generally left to their own devises and text books. This may well suffice to get you through some of the exams, but to really learn and gain an intrinsic understanding of a topic there is no better way than having it taught to you in a good learning environment with other students. I want to make studying and taking the exams pleasure that complements your flying, instead of one that presents a barrier to getting your licence.

I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education for secondary science and taught physics for three years in an East End comprehensive before returning to instructing full time. My PPL ground school courses, which are run at Elstree Aerodrome, are designed to be interesting, fun and interactive.

I look forward to meeting you,

Adam Winter

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